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The Taj Mirror is a tour operator and travel agency located in Agra.
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Taj Mirror Tours

Taj Mirror Tours is a notable tour operator in Agra city. We provide all kinds of travel booking for all major tourist destinations in India. Since, booking tour packages for a new place can be hectic at times; we make sure that we are one to one connected with all our guests who visit India. We are actively present on call, website and social media 24*7 thus, making sure that your convenience doesn't get hamper under any circumstance. Taj Mirror Tours was started with the ambition to provide easy, convenient and budget travel bookings in Agra city. Today, we see it as one of the preferred and renowned tour packages provider in the Agra region.

Coming to the tour packages, our flagship tour packages are a combination of India's rich culture, colors, history and heritage. Explore Agra city, Jaipur city and Delhi city in a single go with Golden Triangle Tours from Taj Mirror. Moreover, you also get the opportunity to experience these cities individually with Agra City Tour, Jaipur City Tour and Delhi city Tour. Since all three cities are well connected with road and rail networks; you get the options to book your Same Day Tours with both train and car.

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