Taj Mahal Trip by Car

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Taj Mahal Trip by Car

Taj Mahal, the name is just enough to describe its glory, history, and fan following. Even though the entire world has been spitted into two parts. The one who has seen and experienced its charms and the remaining one who still desires to feel it. Taj Mahal is not a monument, it is a wish for many of them who have not come to mesmerize it yet.

Where is the Taj Mahal or How to reach to The Taj Mahal ?

The Taj Mahal is situated in Agra city which is in an Indian province called Uttar Pradesh. Agra city is well connected to the Indian capital Delhi by train and by road. Agra tourism is promoted by the Indian government so the fasted express route was established in the last decade.

A convenient and comfortable way to make the Taj Mahal trip to Agra?

Although the Taj Mahal trip by train seems more comfortable and soothing, but there are many genuine logic and reasons not to agree with. Taj Mahal trip by car has strong reasons (Written below) to adopt.

More freedom to make schedule during the trip

Taj Mahal Trip by Car makes a traveler to be a master of his/her choice. They do not need to follow the train's scheduled time. They can choose their pick-up time to drop-off time according to their comfort zone. Other than this, travelers can increase trip duration, if they find some difficulties during visiting monuments (Being in a long queue at the monument).

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No trouble with the availability of train tickets

There are many causes to attempt Taj Mahal Trip by Car, but the most crucial cause is trouble with train ticket availability. Sometimes it consumes more time and energy for travelers just to get confirmed tickets for both sides and sometimes even though travelers try their best but still it doesn’t give a positive result to them.

Desirable destinations to explore

Taj Mahal Trip by Car gives more freedom to travelers to chase those destinations/places that cannot be seen by train trips. For example, if someone is coming via expressway from Delhi to Agra and he/she loves to feel nature scenery so he/she can stop the cab and can admire nature but this scenario can't take a place during a train trip.


Everything has always positive and negative approaches and it depends on a person's perception also but as much as Taj Mahal Trip by Car is more convenient, soothing, low time & energy consuming to organize. On one hand, it gives chances for an entire group of travelers to be together which increases more sentimental emotions & safety, and another hand it costs more economical in cost also compare to a train trip.